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Forum Rules and Regulations


AstrayMU Online In-Game Rules

(1.) Insulting or downgrading our server
    1st degree offence = Warning/disconnection
    2nd degree offence = 3days/7days ban
    major degree offence= permanent ban/ip block

(2.) Recruiting players and endorsing other server
    1st degree offence = Warning/disconnect
    major degree offence= 30days ban/permanent ban/ip block

(3.) Using hack tools or cheat (requires screenshot and legit proof)
    major degree offence = permanent ban/ip block (ban may lessen when *hack tool is given or surrendered)

(4.) Scamming
    1st degree offence = 7days ban
    major degree offence = 30days ban/account deleted (may be lessen when scammed items are returned)

(5.) False accusation and defamation for GM's and staffs
    1st degree offence = Warning
    2nd degree offence = 1day ban

(6.) Impersonating GM's/Staffs
    1st degree offence = char deleted
    2nd degree offence = 7days/30days account ban
    major degree offence = permanent ban


1. Conversation manner is in force here.

2. SPAMming won't be tolerated.

3. On those forums we should help each other.

4. This is AstrayMU game server forum. Advertising other mu online servers is prohibited and might be a reason of ban.

5. Harassing, swearing and using bad words may lead you to forum account suspension.

6. Posting religion-abusive, racist, personal insulting or porn content is not allowed and will be punished.

7. Do not DOUBLE/MULTIPLE POST (make few posts in a row) if you have something to add - USE EDIT BUTTON!

8. Insulting other forum members/staff will result to warning. 3 warnings will result to ban.

9. Any attempt of ADVERTISING HACK SITE will get you permanent BAN from Forum and In-game.

10. Having multiple account will make you banned as well. If you set second account - ask FORUM ADMIN to delete other one.

11. This is an ENGLISH forum and only one, acceptable language to speak in this forum is ENGLISH, however you will not be banned for speaking in other languages. If you have anything important to say or if you have any problem you need to post it in english as well.

12. Posting in wrong section or double post and insult should result a "WARNING". 3 warnings will result as a ban.

13. Starting/Joining a fight with other players/staff members will result to 7 days ban.

1. Max size is 400x200. Remember it is MAX size, the recommended is 360x150. Every oversize signature will be deleted in 24 hours.

2. Having signature with abusive, insulting or porn contents are not allowed and will be deleted. They also may cause Forum account suspension.

3. No other server's advertisements on signature allowed.


Reporting DC/hit/trade hackers:

1. You must have video record made during reported incident (it shows moment of hack being used)
2. In addition you have to take a screenshot with nick of charged player.
3. In case of reporting hit hackers or speed hackers you should have a party with them to show damage rate on video.

Reporting swearing:

1. Screenshot taken with fully opened chat window (F4) with conversation record is required.
2. Polite and simple warning given to that person is recommended

Reporting of selling/buying hacks, impersonating GM, abusive nickname, advertising other servers or prohibited websites:

1. Screenshot taken in the place of happening with CLEAR nickname of reported person is required.


1. Modifying a rule without considering it with other staff members will be canceled and removed.

2. Being inactive for more than 48 hours without a good reason will result to demotion.

3. Abusing powers for own good is forbidden.

AstrayMU Staff
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