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Hi guys, I'm a newbie on this server. I'm just wanna ask about macro. I try to use some macro and yes as expected it got detected. but some players able to use macros. Is it only applicable for those who have a keyboard/mouse macro? For me its kind of unfair right? (we have a motto "Play Fair") Smile  Sorry to those who have this mouse macro, I did not mean what you thinking I knew its not your fault to have that advantage of the game.

Let me go straight. GM's / admin is there a way to be fair about this thing macro except buying macro mouse? like a macro app that's not prohibited to use in this game? (well I know all keypress events are detected but who knows ^_^ )

P.S: (bush) I'm not complaining like its a big deal to me. I'm just here writing this to have this discussion and hear some player's opinions.

Thank you.  Smile  

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