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[Guide] Creating Level 4 Wings and Cape

Creating Level 4 Wings and Cape
  • To create you will need ff:
    1 Condor Feather
    1 Condor Flame 
    1 Feather of Garuda
    1 Flame of Garuda
    1 Death King's Bone
    1 Death Beam Knight Soul
    1 Hell Maine's Leather
    1 Dark Phoenix Flame.

  • Condor Feather and Condor Flame can be bought in Lorencia NPC - eCoins Shop 4
  • Death Beam Knight Soul available in xShop
  • Dark Phoenix Flame  available in xShop
  • Death King Bone  available in xShop
  • Hell Maine’s Leather  available in xShop
  • Feather of Garuda dropped in Dark Phoenix Boss in Icarus
  • Flame of Garuda dropped in  Hell Maine Boss in Aida
  • The success rate is 100%
  • Option Rate is Random (Possible to become FO)

Elysium's Wings (Dark Wizard)
[Image: -_--636704221376250340.jpg]

Flame God's Wings (Dark Knight)
[Image: -_--636704221466019340.jpg]
Celestial Body's Wings (Elf)
[Image: -_--636704221529247940.jpg]

Annihilation's Wings 
(Magic Gladiator)
[Image: -_--636704221646181820.jpg]

Dominator's Cloak (Dark Lord)
[Image: -_--636704221757651500.jpg]

Other World's Wings (Summoner)
[Image: -_--636704221828998340.jpg]

Judgment's Cloak (Rage Fighter)
[Image: -_--636704221902218620.jpg]
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